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Representative Doyle, Councilman Peduto to praise local Darfur Campaign on April 25

Everyone is encouraged to attend!

US Representative Mike Doyle (PA–14) and Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto will be joining members of the Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition(PDEC) to recognize the local Darfur Campaign and call for decisive action to end the genocide in Darfur.

9:30, TUESDAY APRIL 25, 2006
Photo opportunity will be available

“We would like to thank both Representative Doyle and Councilman Peduto. Representative Doyle has championed this issue in the House, cosponsoring a number of bills designed to help relieve suffering and end the violence in Darfur. Councilman Peduto has supported previous local Darfur-related initiatives and will announce his decision to travel to Washington DC with Darfur Coalition on Sunday, April 30, to attend the national Rally to Stop Genocide in Darfur. In addition to Councilman Peduto, one hundred and seventy people from Pittsburgh, Western Pa. and Ohio have subscribed to the bus trip so far,” said David Rosenberg, PDEC Coordinator.

PDEC, a coalition working with student groups, church and synagogue organizations and local nonprofit organizations, has already collected over 12,000 postcards signed by residents of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania addressed to President Bush. The cards, part of the national "Million Voices for Darfur Campaign," call upon the President to use the powers of his office to promote the introduction into Darfur of a strong multinational protection force. A complete set of photocopies of the 12,000 cards will be presented to Congressman Doyle.

Following this event on Tuesday at City Hall, during City Council Session at 10 AM (Fifth Floor), Councilman Peduto will be sponsoring a City Council resolution recognizing the local campaign and calling for action to end the genocide in Darfur .