Reasons Why Cheap Turntables Can Damage Records

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the risks associated with using a cheap turntable to play records. This post will outline some of the reasons why buying a quality turntable is worth it to avoid damaging your vinyl collection. The main reason for this is because cheaper turntables use heavier tonearms which can put more pressure on your soft vinyl, causing them to wear out quicker and potentially distort sound or skip when you’re listening to them. Another thing that might cause damage are the needles used in these turntables are typically made from steel rather than diamond, so they don’t have as much precision when tracing over record grooves.

How do you know if your record player is damaging your records?

Turntable Pioneer

There are many reasons why turntables under $200 how do these can damage your records. They’re often not built to last, they lack precision and stability, their tonearms are too lightweight for the job, and they are highly likely to skip or skid. However, suppose you want to get into analog without breaking the bank on an expensive turntable. In that case, there are some excellent options out there that will provide a decent listening experience with minimal risks. We compiled this list of five affordable turntables that won’t break the bank but still deliver quality sound. These models all offer better performance than similarly priced budget models from other brands.

Turntables are an integral part of the music listening experience. Whether you like to enjoy your vinyl records or love to listen to them on a Bluetooth speaker, there is no denying that they provide us with many hours of entertainment and enjoyment. However, one factor that can cause problems for turntable users is the quality of their equipment. Cheap turntables tend to damage records in various ways because they use cheap parts and low-quality needles and platters made from inferior materials such as plastic that scratch up your record more than metal would do.

Cheap turntables will ruin your vinyl records

Cheap turntable

If you are starting with vinyl, you may have heard about the low-cost or “budget” turntables that are available. These can be tempting because they are often priced lower than traditional models and usually come bundled with everything else you need to get started. But there is a catch – many of these budget turntables use inferior parts, which will cause damage to your records in the long run.

What’s more, most of them don’t include features like an adjustable counterweight (which will prevent skipping), anti-skate adjustments (to reduce wear on the record), or speed control buttons (so that if your RPMs drop below 33 ⅓ or go above 45 RPMs per minute, they automatically adjust).

A common misconception is that all turntables are created equal. In reality, there are a number of differences between the various models and brands on the market today. The most important difference is how they play vinyl records: some use magnetic cartridges to read what’s written on the record, others use needles that physically touch and scrape at the grooves set into each side of a record. If you’re not careful about which type you buy, then it could end up doing significant damage to your collection over time.

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