How Can You Make Free Karaoke Tracks?

Karaoke is fun of the most fun activities to do among friends to enjoy the time. To create karaoke tracks, simple practice is required of making use of an audio editor that can come in handy for doing the job for you.

By stripping the vocals from favorite tracks of yours would help you in making karaoke tracks. Let us look into the guide on how to make free karaoke tracks that would be helpful in doing the job.

Easy guide to make karaoke tracks!

The karaoke sounds should be created for personal use only but not for distributing further until unless you have copyright for doing so. You need to follow through a simple guide that would be helpful to create karaoke tracks free with the help of suitable software. On play store you can get plenty of them.


Pick the optimal encoder: the foremost thing to practice is to prep for the song where you need the mp3 encoder that can assist in doing the job for you. Download the zip archive and extract it and finally double click the exe file for the install encoder. The whole procedure can be done swiftly.

Choose optimal software: for converting normal track to the karaoke one, you need to install optimal software that can do the job in a better way. Once done, import your favorite music track. You would be provided with a black downward pointing arrow click on that and a select split stereo track.

Strip vocals: now, you need to strip the vocals where you need to select the track and effect for it. You can pick for the menu arrow and select the mono feature in the software chosen. Once you have successfully stripped vocals from the track, it is all set to export.

The karaoke tracks can be played in mp3 track that is a convenient format for using any media player with standard export settings.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can easily conclude how you can make a karaoke song for yourself. It would be a great choice for people to enjoy their time with karaoke songs. It is really helpful for people to choose for optimal software that can come in handy for stripping vocals and jamming on your favorite soundtrack. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in learning how convenient it is to create karaoke songs of your choice with minimal time.

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